We all want to be seen.

Really seen.

In a competitive marketplace, visibility is not enough.

We do strategic communication design and marketing. This means that your business offerings and value come into clear focus—for the right audience, at the right time. It’s like a fraction of a pixel in a photograph, a “pale blue dot,” becoming significant the moment you see “home.”

Connecting with people counts in a crowded universe of competitors.


will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

Carl Sagan
American scientist and writer, Cosmos (1980)

Effective communication is grounded in critical thinking yet elevates through imagination.

You need to both capture and then sustain people’s attention to command your share of the market.

Experience how CornerPxl raises your company above the competition while delivering insights into lasting brand visibility.


with Substance

Stories for Small Stages in a Cosmic Arena

Engagement is a fancy word for making people listen to your story. Take advantage of this most effective form of communication. Tell the right story, and you successfully bring the right audience into your orbit.

What will we achieve together?

Your genuine voice developed for

big impact

Your value proposition communicated in

relatable terms

Your company’s history understood to be about

the future